The COVID-19 crisis has been emotionally challenging for several people, changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways. For companies, business, as was common, isn’t an option. The coronavirus pandemic is pushing ventures from manufacturing, retail, and service providers for reevaluating their business models where the traditional ‘social’ and ‘in-person’ setting is the norm. As a result, ventures have begun to realize the need of integrating a much bigger portion of their business process with a complicated ‘contactless method of offering their services and products. Otherwise, they’re going to confront the choice of closing operations until the pandemic is over. Given the current status of the pandemic in 2021, that’s like bankruptcy for those businesses.

The pandemic has impacted a significant economic shock and simultaneously, created some opportunities for businesses to stand out of the box or to survive. This has increased the necessity for digital transformation in companies to secure innovation and excellence in organizational products and services with greater flexibility in organization and management.

Digitalization embraces the facility of digital technology to collect data, establish trends, and make better business decisions. To get profitable digital transformation consultation as per your business needs, you can get in touch with us today.


Digital platforms and tools have confirmed they will be of benefit, allow more distributed work, decision‐making, and collaboration. it’s been analyzed that companies implementing digital tools improved their productivity by 16% and value by 25% on average.

Time shifting and space shifting flexibility are very important in avoiding an absolute economic halt in the COVID-19 pandemic era. Having the capability to go digital has become a critical matter as it was observed across the world. Various Enterprises demonstrating their capability to change their business model have survived; some have become failures to afloat.

As with each business, enterprises vary in size, industry, and level of experience. Regardless of what the dissimilarities are, proceeding digital is evinced to be a serious benefit pre and post COVID-19 pandemic. Digitalization and digital tools can succor businesses in achieving, greater efficiency and productivity, defining new business models, customers and suppliers intimacy, improve decision making, competitive advantage, and/or survival.

After expressing, ‘Why’, companies should transform digitally, we proceed to ‘How’ to effectively go Digital, with a reminder fact that businesses vary in size, industry, and level of experience. which means that any effective transformation should be addressed in accordance with size, industry, and level of experience amongst many more to confirm constant profitability in times of economic disruption and challenges.

Stakeholders’ involvement and commitment are very vital throughout every process and the role of the Government in your industry should be understood.

Identifying the requirement and offering digital tools and solutions to direct the transfer of businesses for going online is a crucial factor in the continuity and survival of various Enterprises. However, there is a crack in digital tools implementation between Small and large businesses, especially in e-commerce and cloud computing.

Often, what the organization would like to do depends on what its existing systems will permit it to do. Notwithstanding there is a need to reconsider and redraft their business with a focus on the ways of leveraging social media, data analytic, mobile connectivity, cloud computing and integrate these tools into their business model.

The Business development advisory services(Digital Transformation) need to be incorporated into all business areas for delivering value to consumers and for ensuring business continuity.

− Increase in wireless technology. E.g Web sites.

− Increased business use of Web 2.0 technologies.

− Cloud computing, mobile digital platform.


With the growing roles and opportunities which are contributing to the continuous expansion of the digital economy and the disruptive presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of the economy worldwide will have everything to do with IT and digitalization. Emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, robots, AI, cloud computing, data science, and the appearance of new digitalized business models, will change the worldwide economy radically.

Digitalization will improve competitiveness, create globalization opportunities, and benefit society also. it is important in improvising a sustainable and inclusive economy where solutions have greatly contributed to the sustainable development goals and minimized wealth cracks, optimized gender equality, and replied to climate change, securing people access to the resources vital to their survival.

Businesses sooner or later will need to harness digital technologies while emerging fully digital firms. Significant business relationships are now digitally enabled and mediated and core business processes are now being accomplished through digital networks. Also, they need to learn from successful digital transformation consulting firms and modern business models to look for opportunities for scaling up their own added value in the wave of digitalization. You will need to overcome also the deficiency in resources and experience while adopting new technologies.


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