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Human Capital Management

At Swizz Global Consult Limited, our strategic approach to effectively managing people and contemporary assets is designed to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Efficiency is paramount in our services, be it a specific deliverable or sourcing, selecting, hiring, and training. We work keeping in mind that an organization, is not just a stable, formal social structure that takes resources from the environment and processes them to produce outputs but also that an organization is a collection of rights, privileges, obligations, and responsibilities that is delicately balanced over a period of time through conflict and conflict resolution and this is embedded in our strategic decision making function while understanding and catering to your needs.

What we do

We provide solutions that effectively meets our customer’s diverse needs with services designed to bridge identified gaps in the Global Market (HR & Skill gaps).

We have an efficacious human resource structure, savvy technical expertise, and business experience, we’ll ensure to play a pivotal impact on your business effectiveness, growth, and continuous development.

Talent Acquisition

We understand that Today’s decision maker faces the pressure to make better and faster decisions in an environment characterized by a high domain complexity and market volatility, which is why at Swizz Global Consult, we advise and offer a strategic and proactive process of finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring the right candidates to fill roles that are required to meet present and future organizational goals and objectives. A company’s productivity is determined by its talent. We consider it our task to identify and vet appropriate candidates that best fit our clients’ needs from their Technical and behavioral organizational view.

Our talent acquisition process involves simplified and essential steps including:

  • Lead generation
  • Recruiting and attracting top candidates
  • Interview and Assessment
  • Evaluating references Selecting the best candidate(s)
  • Hiring and Onboarding
Knowledge sharing is power


At Swizz Global Consult, we are responsible for the technical oversight and direction of new business efforts that respond to the needs of our customers.

The cost of not finding information is extremely high for individuals and the organization in general. It is not always about knowing what but “knowing who knows what.”

At Swizz Global Consult we guarantee our technical expertise and business “Know what”, “Know how” and “Know who knows what” in respect to
Human Resource Management; Skill development.

We develop strategies to increase learning, skills building and knowledge sharing. Our staff has a solid background in assessing training needs and skills gaps, developing and overseeing training/educational programs, guiding technical and vocational reform, supporting and overseeing business initiatives, and designing and implementing capacity building activities targeted at propelling your business and it’s competitive advantage.