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At Swizz Global Consults, we are passionate about identifying problems and matching them with innovative and strategic solutions. We thrive on our passion for excellence and deliver exceptional solutions to meet our customers diverse needs.
Led by a team of vibrant professionals, we are driven by a passion to impact lives and bring businesses closer to their primary objectives. Thus our services are designed to bridge identified gaps in business, HR and skills gaps, Immigration Consultancy, Financial Advisory services, Event Management Consultancy, Project management, business plan development, skills acquisition training.

We Support our clients with customized solutions to fulfill their Business’ needs.

It is our policy to be customer focused, with our extensive experience for the production of diverse solutions via working closely with each clients, to ensure customized solutions that best fit and ensures efficiency.

We understand the growing interdependence between a firm’s information systems and its business capabilities – Changes in strategy, rules and business processes increasingly require changes in hardware, software, database and telecommunications.

Thus why our solutions are not only customized to fulfill each client’s need but they also permit change – giving our clients more levarage against market volatility.

We help businesses of all sizes identify and solve their unique problems for long term and successful outcomes.

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At Swizz Global Consults, we make a passionate investment in your success. Forget about trial and error because with us, its all about executing success. The plan is to effectively move forward for positive change and we are well-equipped to deliver groundbreaking value, empowering talents and leading or emerging employer brands to inspire growth and higher profitability. Our customer focused strategies always guarantee completive leverage be you a traditional competitor or new market entry in your industry. We spend vital time discussing, understanding and managing our client’s views, explaining our perspectives, and tailoring solutions to fit their firm’s dynamics and culture.

Why Us.....

We believe that every firm has its unique Technical and behavioral view. These features shape and tailor our services, approaches, and corporate advisory solutions to fit the client’s needs and requirements.

Our commitment extends to working hand on hand with our clients to ensure deliverables and ensuring the attainment of milestones.
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Annual Turnround
120 K
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470 M
Winning Awards
240 $
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  • Business and Impact driven
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Our vision is to be recognized as a preferred employer and provider of innovative and results-oriented human resources services, policies, and systems.
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